Hi, I am Sam.

I write about building six figure businesses with no paid advertising. I share what I’ve learned building a two six figure business from scratch without spending a ton of money on paid ads.

So …

If you want to learn how to build six figure businesses fast without breaking the bank, six figure tribe is your place.

  • If you’re looking for ways to make a real impact and build your financial empire …

  • If you are tired of watching others find success and freedom online…

  • If you want actionable advice on how to Weaponise your knowledge and build your six figure empire …

  • If you dream for a life of abundance, yet you find yourself in stagnation …

  • If you want to truly live a great life by leveraging your knowledge and build freedom focused business, so you can be anywhere and still make a lot of money …

If you answered yes,

The SIX FIGURE TRIBE is your place. I’m here to build a tribe of six figure earners.

Do you think you have it in you to become the part of the six figure tribe? I believe you do.

What I’m going to tell here will enable you to make more money on your own terms.

  • You don't even need a large following or ton of website visitors to start making some serious money.

  • You could live in the middle of nowhere and still make life-changing money.

  • You only need to know how to position yourself and your business to create your first six figure business online.

You can start by reading the blog or hire me to fix leaks in your business and position your business to turn it into a six figure empire.

I am running two six figure businesses right now. One is in the consultancy niche and second is the blog about men’s fashion and lifestyle.

Picture this, in march 2017, I was running a small interior design consultancy firm with my partner. It was nice but nothing great. I knew I could do better.

I decided to learn the skills that’ll help me take my business to next level. I learned everything I could about SEO and re-built my consultancy website. Just within a couple months I was generating 5 to 7 leads without spending a dime on ads.

That blew my business up, I hired a team of designers, built processes and started working on my business instead of working in my business. Soon, I hit the six figure mark.

Next, I’ve always been into fashion, and people around me always asked how they should they dress? So, i decided to start a blog about men’s fashion.

I took completely different approach to build that blog, and built it to 5k visitors/day blog.

I built three Instagram around the men’s fashion niche from o followers to 700k+ followers and growing.

I built a Pinterest account from 0 to 270k+ followers. Today my blog gets close to 10k visitors/ day. I sell ebooks, and done for you services on that blog.

Within a year and half I was making six figures from that blog as well. Now, I’ve hired writers and social media managers to manage that blog for me. I spend around 2 hours a day on the blog now and make money almost on auto-pilot.

How Can You Make Money With Your Skills?

Now with this six figure tribe my goal is to help you build your first (or next) six figure business as quick as possible.

I want to teach you the skills that’ve helped me build two six figure businesses.

I want to teach you how to acquire high-income skills real fast. (Yes, there’s an easier (faster) way to master any skills)

I want you to become financially free, no matter which part of the world you live in.

An Opportunity Of A Lifetime and you’re MISSING OUT.

I managed build two six figure business in 2 and half years. And now with skill I’ve today, I can build it even faster.

There’s a huge opportunity. The Internet has completely changed the way we do business today.

Now, there’s a simpler (and faster) way to build wealth. And you’re probably mission out.

I’ll show you how to build a profitable six figure business in not time even if you're just starting out.

Read the blog here to learn the skills yourself


Hire me to dissect your business, fix leaks and position your business to grow like a wildfire.

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