Hi, I am Sam. The whole purpose of starting Side Hustle Journal is to help you build a profitable side business that can help you generate extra income every single month without putting in a ton of work.

I am an Interior designer by profession, and I run an Interior design studio based out of Ahmedabad.

I am also passionate about fashion since I was a kid. So, I started a blog in men’s fashion niche a couple of years ago just for fun.

That little blog has turned into a nice little side hustle for me. Today my blog attracts close to 7000 visitors/day. I have 120k+ Pinterest followers and 3 Instagram accounts with a total following of 100k+. (1, 2, 3 )

My blog makes enough money for me to quit my interior design studio and work full time on my blog if I want to.

I tell my friends about my side hustle and invariably I get the same response from everyone. Please tell me how you did it?

So, I thought, a lot of people out there could also be struggling with the same problem. A lot of you want to start a side hustle but not sure how to go about it.

Maybe you want to…

  • Learn to build a side hustle that generates extra income every month.

  • Quit your 9-5 thing & do things you always wanted to

  • Feel more secured financially

  • Have more freedom (Financial and otherwise)

  • Make extra cash to spend on the things you love to do the most, like travelling or shopping.

Whatever your goal is, if you put in the right efforts and learn to create value for others, you can build your profitable side hustle.

Even if you feel, Confused, Stuck, Lost right now or you think it’s too hard or building a side hustle is not your thing.

You know, building a profitable side hustle is not that difficult. All you have to do is use the right tools, have little faith in yourself and create value for people.

And, I am here to help you do just that.

I am going to share everything I know about building a profitable side hustle on this blog.

I don’t like to say all of these things, but I think I have to because I see a ton of people out there teaching you to build an online business who’ve never ever built one. They make money from teaching you how to make money.

I know bloggers who sell $200+ courses on Pinterest who has less than 5000 followers. That’s just not right.

Anyways, I can’t stop them from doing that. But what I can do is to be authentic and share everything I know about building a profitable side hustle.

Because I’ve already built one. After working on side hustle for 3+ years I know what it takes to build a successful side business.

  • How to grow your Pinterest following.

  • How to grow your Instagram followers.

  • How to create digital products

  • How to create physical products

  • How to sell them

  • How to dropship

  • How to bring a ton of people to visit your website.

  • How to build your email list

  • And much more...

I am going to share everything I know here. Not secrets kept. Because I want you to be successful. I want you to be free from worries. I want you to make extra income, so you can take good care of your family.

If you are game for it and want to build a profitable side hustle, sign up below and I’ll send my best stuff for free.